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Safety and Regulations of Food Additives


Testing and Analysis


  • Test Name:
    Penetration, Needle
  • Test Method:
    ASTM D 5
  • Sample Requirement:

Price may vary during request validation

Liquid Fuels/ Lubricants

  • Test Name:
    API Gravity/Specific Gravity/ Density
  • Test Method:
    ASTM D4052/ASTM D1298
  • Sample Requirement:

Price may vary during request validation

Solid Fuels (charcoal, wood biomass)

  • Test Name:
    Proximate Analysis
  • Test Method:
    ASTM D 1762
  • Sample Requirement:

Price may vary during request validation

Anthracite Coals

  • Test Name:
    Acid Solubility
  • Test Method:
    ANSI/AWWA B100-96
  • Sample Requirement:
    1000g granules

Price may vary during request validation


  • Test Name:
    Dropping Point
  • Test Method:
    ASTM D 566
  • Sample Requirement:

Price may vary during request validation

Brake Fluid

  • Test Name:
    Dry ERBP
  • Test Method:
    PNS 239
  • Sample Requirement:

Price may vary during request validation


  • Test Name:
    Drop Melting Point
  • Test Method:
    ASTM D 127
  • Sample Requirement:

Price may vary during request validation

Calibration and Measurement,

Proficiency Testing

Calibration Services

Electrical Calibration

The Electrical Standards Section maintains the following Basic Electrical Quantities: Voltage, Current, Resistance and Time/Frequency.

Length Calibration

The Length Standards Section of the National Metrology Laboratory of the Philippines (NML) is capable of calibrating rectangular gauge blocks ranging from 0.5 mm to 100 mm. The laboratory adopted the ISO 3650:1998 second edition as reference procedure for the determination of gauge block length by mechanical comparison using Grade K reference gauge blocks at an ambient temperature of (20 ± 0.5) ˚C.

Mass Calibration

The Mass Standards Section of the National Metrology Laboratory is the country’s provider of traceability to the international prototype kilogram. It is also the premier authority in the verification, calibration and performance testing of weights, mass standards, and weighing instruments. It has been granted the ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (German Accreditation Body) on 19 October 2010. Aside from providing traceability, the MSS also offers other metrological services such as training, proficiency testing, measurement audit and consultancy.

Pressure and Force Calibration

Pressure and Force Standards Section conducts calibration/testing of the following Instruments:


Pressure Calibrator / Module, Digital Pressure Gauge, Test Gauge, Pressure Transmitter / Transducer, Industrial Pressure Gauge, Industrial Pressure Balance / Deadweight Tester, Sphygmomanometer


Testing Machines such as universal testing machine, tensile testing machine, compression testing machine, etc. force gauge, dynamometer, push-pull scale, axle weighing system (static mode only); Durometer (Type A & B only), torque meter, torque wrenches, spring torque testers, torque drivers

Flow and Volume Calibration

The Volume and Flow Standards Section of the National Metrology Laboratory, ITDI-DOST primarily provides calibration and performance testing of Road tankers, Flowmeters and Volumetric Instruments such as Test Measures, Provers, Piston-Operated Volumetric Apparatus and Laboratory Glasswares ranging from 20 microliters to 2000 Liters. Proficiency testing and trainings on calibration of volumetric instruments are also conducted by the group of experts consisting the Section’s work force.

Thermometry and Hygrometry Calibration

Standards and Equipment The Thermometry (LIGT, DT, and IPRT) Standards Section of NML maintains two reference standard SPRTs (Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer) that are traceable to SI through KRISS, Korea. These SPRTs are used to calibrate two working standard IPRTs (Industrial Platinum Resistance Thermometer) to provide traceability to SI to measurements done in the country. SPRTs may also be used as reference standard for the calibration of thermometers from customers depending on the uncertainty requirement.

Metrology in Biology Calibration


Metrology in Chemistry Calibration

List of Available Matrix CRMs
PRM Code and
Certified Value Unit Quantity Price
Water Matrix
PRM 0401
Pb, Cd, Fe and Cu in
Drinking Water
Pb: 10.5 ± 2.0 μg/kg
Cd: 2.86 ± 0.30 μg/kg
Fe: 932 ± 51 μg/kg
Cu: 579 ± 27 μg/kg
1 x 120 ml ₱ 7,500
PRM 0901
Ca, Mg and Zn Cu in
Drinking Water
Ca: 312 ± 24 mg/kg
Mg: 175 ± 6.9 mg/kg
Zn: 12.9 ± 1.3 mg/kg
1 x 120 ml ₱ 11,000
Food Matrix
PRM 0101
Benzoic Acid in Mango
Benzoic acid: 1059 ± 50 mg/kg 1 x 30 g ₱ 7,200
PRM 0201
Histamine in Canned
Histamine: 61.5 ± 5.0 mg/kg 1 x 25 g ₱ 11,000
PRM 0202
Histamine in Dried Fish
Histamine: 230 ± 14.0 mg/kg 1 x 30 g ₱ 11,000
PRM 0501 Sulfite in
Dried Mango
Sulfite as SO2: 931 ± 94 mg/kg 1 x 200 g ₱ 6,500
PRM 0601 Salbutamol
in Meat
Salbutamol: 227.1 ± 14.0 mg/kg 1 x 20 g ₱16,000

*Courier fee not included

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